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SuDoHue for iOS


Sudoku Gets a Bea-hue-tiful Makeover with SuDoHue

SuDoHue plays just like classic Sudoku, except colors take the place of numbers.

The second release from CaptiveFate MobileWare, SuDoHue for iOS is available in Apple's App Store for play on iPhones or iPads using iOS 13 or higher.*

*Currently in beta development and available for download soon

How to Play SuDoHue

Classic Sudoku Rules with a Colorful Twist

To solve a SudoHue Board, fill in all the missing cells of the 9x9 grid with one of nine colors, to complete the 9x9 grid with the correct sequence. 


For a puzzle to be complete, the following must be correct:

- all rows contain precisely one of each color

- all columns contain precisely one of each color

- all 9 of the 3 x 3 sub-grids contain precisely one of each color


Save Your Board's Progress & Finish Later

Board icons help keep the current progress of all your boards organized.

  • Unplayed Board. The gold bell icon indicates a board that has never been solved and is ready to begin.

  • Saved Board. The lime green pushpin indicates a board with saved data, which is updated whenever the game is paused or interrupted ( i.e. a phone call comes in ).

  • Solved Board. The aqua flag indicates a board that has been solved at least once, but it can be played again!

  • Locked Boards. The gray lock indicates a locked board, keep playing other boards to unlock.


Pleasing Graphics Easing  to 

Relaxing with a puzzle is one of life's simple pleasures, so why not maximize this enjoyment with smooth satiny graphics shaded to perfection! Don't just play, enjoy!

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