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CaptiveFate Software Develops:
iOS Applications for iPhone & iPad, Mobile Websites, User-Experience Solutions, and Digital Graphics.

Captive Fate Software, established in 2019 and founded by lead developer R. Campbell Farish, is a mobile development studio providing iOS applications, project consultations, and other media-based solutions.


With extensive experience in the industry, our goal is to stand out by adding a pleasing visual experience to mobile development. CaptiveFate currently focuses on puzzle games and simple tools. 


Guiding Principles

A few key concepts CaptiveFate Software focuses on during development:


Whether developing an independent concept or building a solution for a client, we pay special attention not just to the product but who will be using it.

CaptiveFate Software was born out of the desire to be a part of the renaissance of user experience. We are constantly evolving into new arenas in technology and moving beyond an app or website alone to how the user flow behaves like its own algorithm.

Design Aesthetics

CaptiveFate Software creates products with style and professional polish. We believe that aesthetics improve the overall experience and keep users coming back.

Our apps and games really explore this blending of artists’ inspiration with modern technology.

Responsible Development

Technology has embedded itself in almost every aspect of our daily lives with the promise to enrich our lives, but with great power comes great responsibility.

CaptiveFate Software is wholly dedicated to ethical development. These ethics are far-ranging and more nebulous as algorithms dominate our daily lives. CaptiveFate Software will not produce anything deemed hurtful or that takes advantage of individuals through predatory behavior or dishonesty.


Technology is a helpful tool that assists us in our daily lives. For someone with disabilities, however, poor software development can hamper its usefulness. We want all our products to be as accessible as possible, if you have any concerns with one of our products please submit it to us through the contact page. Feedback is paramount to this process, and thank you in advance. 


Digital Graphics

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