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CaptiveFate MobileWare

Specializing in Mobile Application Development, Flexible Websites, User Experience, and Design & Branding.

Current iOS Applications



FiDGET LiGHTS© iOS App for iPhone and iPad is an app for relaxing or fidgeting by displaying a touch-reactive grid of animated lights. 


It's a great tool for those with anxiety or looking for something to distract their hands while talking on the phone or doing another task. The smoothly changing color gradients and tactile haptic feedback make it akin to something like ASMR. Download it today for the Apple Store and experience this unique app for yourself.

SuDoHue for iOS

SuDoHue© iOS App for iPhone and iPad, plays just like classic Sudoku, except colors take the place of numbers. Use deductive reasoning to figure out what color correctly fills in the blanks and complete the board. 


A classic puzzle gets a colorful update with SuDoHue.

CaptiveFate Software's Approach to Development

Clean. Elegant. Efficient.
Products by Design.

Captive Fate Software creates products with style and professional polish. We believe that aesthetics improve the overall experience and keep users coming back.

A Different Experience.

Whether developing an independent concept or building a solution for a client, special attention is paid to the product and who will be using it. Driven by a pleasing and aesthetic user experience, Captive Fate Software aims to explore new and exciting ways to use mobile devices.

Gradient Phone Case

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